Read more about the goals, vision and benefits associated with the NoCAP and how it can help us make substantial progress in improving road safety.

Dedicated to Protecting
Our Communities

With the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, our cities were faced with unprecedented challenges that needed creative solutions. With the No Contact Apprehension Program, not only are we able to improve road safety for our citizens, but we are also able to contribute to reducing the spread of the virus. With this no contact system, we are able to keep our traffic enforcers and motorists protected.

Dedicated to Improving
Safety & Accountability

With its success in other major cities across the country, it is our belief that the No Contact Apprehension Program can help Bataan Province substantially reduce vehicular accidents, protect citizens and promote road safety. With this program, motorists will be required to be more aware and cautious of their driving and surroundings, or face the penalization necessary to ensure a standard of safety amongst our streets.

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